UN human rights teams head to scene of deadly clashes in western Guatemala

United Nations human rights officers have been dispatched to western Guatemala, where clashes between indigenous communities, police and the military have resulted in several deaths and injuries.

Haiti must strengthen rule of law institutions to consolidate progress – UN

Haiti must focus on strengthening its rule of law institutions, including its national police and electoral council, to consolidate the gains it has achieved in recent years, the United Nations Security Council heard today as it reviewed developments in the Caribbean country.

Thousands of families in Colombia to benefit from UN-backed poverty reduction project

More than 50,000 families in Colombia will benefit from a United Nations-backed rural poverty reduction project which seeks to facilitate access to financing and community services for small-scale producers.

UN experts voice shock at killing of prominent rights defender in Honduras

Three independent United Nations experts have expressed their dismay at the killing in Honduras of prominent human rights lawyer Antonio Trejo Cabrera, who was very active in the media denouncing alleged abuses by landowners and politicians.

At General Debate, Cuba calls for UN reform to make it ‘truly representative’ of world

Cuba’s Foreign Minister today called for the urgent reform of the United Nations by reinforcing the powers of the 193-member General Assembly and expanding the 15-member Security Council to make it truly representative of the world as it exists today, 65 years after its creation.

Amid challenges to global peace, Canadian Foreign Minister urges UN to focus on results

The United Nations must focus on achieving results rather than process, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, told the UN General Assembly today, noting that security issues in Syria and Iran trumped the world body’s procedural considerations.

Need for United Nations underscored by current global challenges, Costa Rica tells debate

The crisis in Syria, terrorism and environmental degradation underscore the vital need for the United Nations, Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo-Barrantes, told the General Assembly today, on the last day of its annual high-level debate.

At UN debate, Ecuador calls for increased focus on human and environmental rights

The protection of human rights and preservation of the environment must feature more prominently in the global development agenda, Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marco Albuja, told the United Nations General Assembly today.

Addressing UN debate, ministers of small island nations warn about impact of climate change

Caribbean ministers at the United Nations General Assembly today called on Member States to pay attention to the devastating effects of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable populations, and urged greater international cooperation to achieve a common UN-sponsored climate agreement.

‘Legal equality of states’ needed at UN, Venezuelan ambassador tells General Assembly

In calling for significant reform of the United Nations, Venezuela’s representative to the world body, Ambassador Jorge Valero, told the UN General Assembly today that a “re-foundation of the United Nations is necessary” with a new international order based on the “legal equality of states.”