Colombia must fight impunity for sexual violence crimes – UN official

Colombia must increase its efforts to fight impunity for crimes of sexual violence, a United Nations envoy said today, adding that such efforts should be paired with assistance to survivors and victims.

UN envoy hails workshop related to Guyana-Venezuela border dispute

A UN envoy today hailed a recent workshop related to a long-standing border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela as a demonstration of both countries’ on-going commitment to a peaceful resolution of the matter.

Top UN officials underscore need to combat organized crime in Central America

Senior United Nations officials today drew the world’s attention to threats posed by transnational organized crime and drug trafficking in Central America and called for concerted global efforts to combat the scourge, which they said is spreading to other continents.

UN expert urges Canada to adopt national strategy to ensure right to food

Noting that some 800,000 households in Canada are unable to meet their daily food needs, an independent United Nations expert today called on the country to adopt a national right to food strategy.

UNESCO chief calls for investigation into death of Honduran journalist

The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today called for an investigation into the killing of Erick Martínez Ávila, a Honduran journalist and gay rights activist.

Mexico: UN and regional experts urge government to take action to protect journalists

The Mexican Government should implement a new law to protect journalists and human rights defenders, a group of United Nations and regional experts stressed today, adding that authorities must prioritize breaking the cycle of impunity which has led to repeated killings in recent years.

UN expert urges US to take more robust measures to tackle indigenous issues

The United States needs to adopt more robust measures to address the issues affecting its indigenous peoples, an independent United Nations expert said today, stressing that such policies must be developed in partnership with Native American, Alaskan Native and Hawaiian peoples in the country.

UN concerned over Venezuela’s possible withdrawal from human rights body

The United Nations today voiced concern over Venezuela’s announcement that it is establishing a committee to evaluate the possibility of withdrawing from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

Senior UN official alarmed at recent murders of journalists in Mexico

The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom today voiced alarm and anger over the murders of three Mexican journalists in the state of Veracruz in less than a week.

Haiti: UN envoy welcomes parliament’s confirmation of new premier

The head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti today welcomed the confirmation by parliament of the appointment of the country’s Prime Minister designate, Laurent Lamothe, a move that paves the way for him to assume office.