UN development agency honours baseball stars for relief aid Dominican Republic, Haiti

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has joined the Dominican Ambassador in honouring Dominican stars from the United States Major League Baseball at a pre-game ceremony at Boston’s Fenway Park for their successful efforts to raise funds and public support for the rebuilding of flood-destroyed areas of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, including their personal contributions.

UN-sponsored meeting seeks to reverse forest loss in Latin America, Caribbean

With Latin America and the Caribbean registering the world’s highest rate of forest loss over the past 15 years, regional experts at a week-long United Nations-sponsored meeting have launched a new public-private initiative to collect case studies of best management to prevent further degradation.

Colombia’s laws protecting displaced persons not fully applied, UN expert says

Millions of displaced persons in Colombia do not enjoy the full rights to which they are entitled under the country’s “commendable” laws and policies, a top United Nations expert on the issue said after a mission there that ends today.

Annan mourns passing of US professor who championed UN

Mourning the passing of Professor Louis B. Sohn, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today paid tribute to the late educator, who was present at the founding of the world body.

Coca producing States need aid for crop substitution to fight illegal drugs – UN

Although coca cultivation in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru was stable last year, the three Andean nations need significant international aid for crop substitution if recent gains made in eradicating the source of cocaine, one of the most widely used illegal drugs, are to be maintained, the United Nations drug agency said today.

UN agency launches multi-million dollar transport project to curb greenhouse gases

Aiming to curb greenhouse gas emissions by at least 100,000 tonnes a year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched a multi-million dollar public transport project covering three major Latin American cities that are some of the most polluted on earth.

Accepting a commemorative painting, Annan hails US role in founding UN

Accepting the gift of a painting that depicts the late United States President Harry Truman signing the United Nations Charter, Secretary-General Kofi today praised the US role of in founding and maintaining the world Organization.

UN rights experts call for immediate closure of US Guantánamo centre after suicides

Five independent United Nations human rights experts today called on the United States to immediately close the Guantánamo Bay detention centre following three suicides there, citing a report they issued three months ago alleging inhuman conditions amounting to torture and the “profound effect” on detainees’ mental health.

World must pay greater attention to ‘invisible tragedy’ of Colombia’s displaced – UN

With 2.5 million Colombians displaced by the country’s four-decades-long civil war and more people joining their ranks every year, a senior United Nations refugee official has called for greater international efforts to help alleviate what she called an invisible humanitarian tragedy.

UN General Assembly Committee urges self-determination for Puerto Rico

The special committee of the United Nations General Assembly that deals with decolonization issues today adopted a text calling for an expedited process in Puerto Rico to determine what kind of relationship the territory’s population would prefer to have with the United States.