At UN, Belize chastises rich nations for abandoning global partnership for development

Developed nations have not honoured their commitments to provide the assistance poor countries need to achieve the global anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Foreign Minister of Belize told United Nations Member States today, stressing that the future development agenda must not suffer the same fate.

‘Green economy’ key to advancing Barbados’s sustainable development agenda

A policy of sustainable development is a matter of survival for Barbados, its Minister today told the United Nations General Assembly, highlighting also debt sustainability and efforts to support the international financial service sector.

Global Citizen Festival: Ban, Stevie Wonder and tens of thousands unite to end poverty

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined United Nations Messenger of Peace Stevie Wonder and an audience of an estimated 60,000 people this weekend to raise their voices to end extreme poverty worldwide, at the second annual Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park.

As new UN development agenda takes shape, Jamaica urges action on job creation, social protection

With discussions under way at the United Nations on defining a road map for the post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) era, the Prime Minster of Jamaica urged an agenda that prioritized job creation, especially for youth, and on enacting social programmes to keep vulnerable people from “falling through the cracks.”

Bahamas urges UN to protect offshore financial services from high-powered nations

The Bahamas today called on the United Nations to help develop multilateral global mechanisms for the governance of offshore financial services, warning that high-powered States were trying to force their will on smaller nations like his own and cut off their livelihood.

Senior Honduran official stresses need to scale–up combat against transborder crime

Highlighting Honduras’ success at overcoming its “severe” 2009 political crisis, the country’s Vice-President told the United Nations General Assembly today that the Government will “stay the course with a firm hand,” by taking action to strengthen its institutions and curb the negative impacts of transborder crimes such as drug trafficking.

Health, climate change top priorities for Caribbean island States addressing UN

Leaders of Caribbean island States addressing the United Nations General Assembly today outlined progress made at eradicating poverty and urged greater support from the international community to meet the universally accepted goals, particularly those on health and climate change.

Venezuela demands end to policies of exclusion, denounces ‘hawks of war’

Rejecting unjust policies that he said contravened the United Nations Charter and wider international law, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela today urged United Nations Member States to take a stand against the interventionist actions of the “leaders of the United States and those that follow blindly behind them.”

Guyana decries widening income gap between rich, poor nations in UN Assembly speech

As the United Nations prepares to set a long-term development agenda for the decades following the end of the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) cycle, it must address the “skewed” income gap favouring rich countries, Guyana warned today.

Inclusion must be ‘front and centre’ in post-2015 agenda, Mexican Foreign Minister says

The global development agenda that countries are crafting for the period following 2015 must be concentrated on inclusion, the Mexican Foreign Minister today told the United Nations General Assembly.