Dominica draws UN attention to threat from arms and drugs in the Caribbean

Dominica’s President told the General Assembly today that a growing trade in illicit small and light weapons in the Caribbean, which he linked to drug smuggling, threatened peace and security in the region as he urged larger countries to help combat the problem.

At UN, Central American officials focus on fight against poverty

Senior officials from two Central American countries have spotlighted the fight against poverty during their addresses to the General Assembly, warning that the battle required greater international cooperation to help struggling nations to bridge the gap with wealthier States.

UN rushes to help relief efforts in Haiti after sudden rainstorm strikes

United Nations aid workers are rushing to provide assistance in Haiti after a sudden rainstorm yesterday swept the capital, Port-au-Prince, whose residents are still trying to recover from January’s catastrophic earthquake.

At UN, Bolivian leader proposes alliance to save humankind

Bolivian President Evo Morales proposed the creation of a new alliance to save humankind by guaranteeing human rights, saving the environment and promoting equality and social justice for all during his address to the General Assembly’s annual high-level segment.

Colombia touts Latin America as part of solution for UN goals

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos today promoted the vital role that the resources of Latin America can play in achieving many of the global goals that the United Nations has set, from providing food to fighting climate change.

Haitian President launches fervent appeal at UN for an end to age of greed

Haitian President René Préval used the podium of the General Assembly today to thank the world for all its aid after January’s devastating earthquake while at the same time calling on it to end the age of greed, dethrone the god of profit and help the poorest countries develop.

Guyana calls on UN to set up global accountability indicators for countries

The President of Guyana today called on the United Nations to establish a set of global accountability indicators to measure whether countries are implementing policies in line with the international responsibilities.

Ban applauds Brazilian efforts to curb poverty and inequality

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with the Brazilian Foreign Minister today, discussing poverty, climate change and efforts to boost cooperation among the world’s poorer nations.

Saint Lucia sounds warning at UN on need for extra funding to tackle climate change

The world needs to urgently scale up funding to support the efforts of poorer countries to mitigate the impact of climate change, Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister told the United Nations today, warning that without an injection of extra funds, these nations will have to divert money away from vital anti-poverty projects.

Brazil affirms UN’s primacy in international politics

As the world tackles multiple crises, the United Nations must be at the heart of multilateralism, Brazil’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate today.