Receiving UN Population Award, experts spotlight forgotten victims

Accepting the United Nations Population Award today in New York, two experts urged the world to pay closer attention to the largely forgotten plight of victims of health problems which are exacerbated by poverty.

Colombia: UN starts social project to stem spate of indigenous suicides

As rising numbers of young indigenous people from northwestern Colombia commit suicide, losing the will to live because of the country’s long-running civil war, the United Nations refugee agency has begun a social project with local spiritual leaders to try to halt the phenomenon.

United States to withdraw some peacekeepers, UN confirms

The United States Government has informed the United Nations that Washington will withdraw some US personnel from the world body's peacekeeping operations, a UN spokesman confirmed today.

New UN anti-terrorism official outlines plans to tackle scourge

The new head of the United Nations Counter-terrorism Committee's (CTC) Executive Directorate today outlined plans to tackle the scourge by working with allies in the fight and operating with maximum efficiency.

Latin America and Caribbean to adopt text on population and development - UN

Breaking with recent practice, the United States is set to join in the consensus adoption of a declaration by Latin American and Caribbean countries reaffirming support for an international action plan on reproductive health and rights, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said today.

As Colombia talks open, Annan urges respect for ceasefire

As the Government of Colombia and paramilitary forces open formal talks today, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged full respect for the ceasefire as well as the concentration of forces in order to allow the discussions to proceed.

Strict new UN-sponsored maritime anti-terrorism measures come into force

Far-reaching international maritime security measures went into force today as part of a wider United Nations strategy to combat terrorism, with governments, port authorities and shipping companies required to take detailed steps to prevent such scenarios as oil tankers being used as massive fire bombs near ports.

General Assembly takes steps to streamline work

The United Nations General Assembly today took steps to pare down its complex agenda, sharpen the focus of its six committees and begin to reduce its extensive documentation.