Back from Washington, Annan reports productive talks with Congressional leaders

Back from a one-day visit to Washington, D.C., Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said he had held productive talks with Congressional leaders in the United States capital.

UN atomic energy agency to assist Panama in wake of radiological accident

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today announced that it will send a team of experts to Panama to help deal with the aftermath of a recent radiological accident in the country.

In Washington, Annan discusses regional hotspots with Congressional leaders

On a one-day official visit to Washington, D.C., Secretary-General Kofi Annan today met with senior members of the United States Congress to discuss issues of mutual concern, including regional hotspots such as Iraq and the Balkans as well as the AIDS pandemic and the United Nations budget.

UN seminar on ecotourism in Latin America and Caribbean opens in Santiago

Experts from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean gathered at the United Nations offices in Santiago, Chile, today, for a two-day seminar on attracting tourists who wish to experience the region's ecological wonders.

Annan to visit Washington on Thursday for meetings with Congressional leaders

Secretary-General Kofi Annan will pay an official visit to the United States capital tomorrow to discuss matters of mutual concern with key Congressional leaders, including those charged with foreign policy, his spokesman announced today.

Political stability needed for effective international aid to Haiti, Annan says

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has reiterated the United Nations' commitment to assisting the Government of Haiti in its quest for democracy and development, while stressing that political reconciliation is key to addressing the country's widespread poverty and receiving aid from the donor community, according to a just-issued report to the General Assembly.

UN predicts slower growth in Latin America because of sharp US downturn

The sharp decline in the economy of the United States will slow growth rates in Latin America this year, according to a just-released report produced by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Annan hails President Bush's contribution to global fund against AIDS

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today hailed the announcement by United States President George Bush of a $200 million US contribution to a global fund proposed last month by Mr. Annan in an effort to mobilize global resources in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Back from Washington, Annan says US administration wants UN dues paid

Following meetings today with United States President George W. Bush and other senior US officials in Washington, D.C., Secretary-General Kofi Annan said they had indicated their desire to honour the country's financial obligations to the world body.

Annan says US should not punish UN after losing rights commission seat

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today expressed the hope that the United States would regain the seat it recently lost on the United Nations Human Rights Commission, but stressed that in the meantime the US should not punish the Organization by placing conditions on the payment of outstanding dues.