At UN, Canada urges focus on financing for climate change mitigation, adaptation

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Daniel Jean, addressed the United Nations General Assembly today, noting the importance of the new sustainable development agenda and of ensuring the proper financing of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Speakers from Latin American region urge ‘results, not promises’ on UN goals

The Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations, Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, addressing the General Assembly today, highlighted both the new UN development agenda and the need to tackle climate change.

Colombia: UN envoy welcomes parties’ agreement on no amnesty for sexual violence

A senior United Nations envoy today welcomed an agreement between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that includes provisions not to grant amnesties for the most serious crimes, including sexual violence.

UN chief expresses condolences following mass shooting at Oregon college

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced his deep sadness in the wake of the mass shooting that took place yesterday at a college in the state of Oregon in the United States.

Grenada joins regional call at UN for action on climate change

A framework for climate change “cannot wait,” Grenada’s Foreign Minister said today, joining other leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean calling for urgent action in the United Nations General Assembly.

Nicaragua sees hand of capitalism behind world’s woes, calls for re-founded UN

Nicaragua today called for recreating and re-founding the United Nations as an equitable and democratic Organization, blaming capitalism for terrorism and the other humanitarian and environmental crises afflicting the world.

In speech to UN Assembly, Haitian President spotlights process to wrap up nationwide elections this year

Praising the ongoing assistance his country has received from the United Nations, Haitian President Michel Martelly told the General Assembly today that a process has been launched that should lead to the achievement of presidential, legislative, municipal and territorial elections by the end of the year.

Central American leaders say UN must be reformed and democratized to tackle today’s crises

As the annual high-level segment of the General Assembly entered its third day, leaders from Central America stressed reform of United Nations institutions and the urgent need to bolster multilateral relations between States.

Venezuelan President urges UN to build new geopolitical system that respects needs of all people

Calling today for “new geopolitical system that respects the needs of the people,” the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, told the General Assembly that the United Nations must create a world that rejected every kind of hegemony, the use of force, and military and economic domination.

Uruguay leader urges UN action to ease global burden of noncommunicable diseases

President of Uruguay Tabaré Vazquez addressed the United Nations General Assembly today, urging decisive action from the world community to find solutions to a raft of global challenges, including migration and the increasing prevalence of noncommunicable diseases.