Hurricane Gustav strikes children the hardest, warns UN agency

Hurricane Gustav has forced some 6,300 people from their homes in Haiti, where torrential rains pounded the deforested southern peninsula of the country earlier this week, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) reported today.

Latin America and Caribbean record solid economic growth figures, UN reports

Latin America and the Caribbean have posted positive economic gains for the sixth year in a row, despite the global downturn, with gross domestic product (GDP) rising nearly 5 per cent this year, according to the most recent estimates of the United Nations office in the region.

Haiti: UN agency helps contain damage wrought by deadly hurricane

Initiatives by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Haiti are helping to rein in the damage wrought by Hurricane Gustav, which has claimed nearly two dozen lives so far across the Caribbean region.

Haiti: UN helps provide relief after deadly tropical storm batters region

United Nations officials in Haiti are working with local authorities across the south of the impoverished Caribbean country to help bring relief after Tropical Storm Gustav pummelled the nation with torrential rains and heavy winds.

Three more girls kidnapped in Haiti, UN mission reports

Three more young girls have been kidnapped in Haiti over the past week, the United Nations peacekeeping mission to the impoverished Caribbean country reports, amid mounting UN concern about the continuing spate of child abductions.

Indigenous Brazilians still suffering inequalities – UN rights expert

Brazil’s indigenous peoples still struggle to exercise real control over their lives and lands, despite some advances in their conditions and the Government’s commitment to improve the situation, a United Nations human rights expert said today after wrapping up a 12-day visit to the South American country.

UN-backed group voices concern over recent US measles outbreaks

A United Nations-backed group seeking to slash measles deaths has expressed concern over the recent surge in reported cases of the virus in the United States.

UN refugee agency anxious over worsening conditions in Colombia

The United Nations refugee agency expressed deep concern today over the humanitarian situation of thousands of Columbians fleeing the conflict embroiling the country’s Pacific coast region.

UN mission in Haiti hopeful of end to parliamentary impasse over government

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti today welcomed the decision by some of the country’s political parties to back the new Prime Minister’s political programme, which would end the four-month parliamentary impasse over the formation of a new government.

Haiti: UN mission alarmed as another child kidnapping victim is killed

Officials with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti have voiced alarm at the continuing spate of kidnappings of children in the impoverished country, days after abductors killed a boy apparently because his family could not pay the ransom.