UN peacekeepers mount anti-gang operations in Haiti’s capital

United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti carried out several search and security operations over the weekend against gang members in various districts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and its surroundings, the UN mission there has reported.

Haitian pop star joins forces with UN to feed some of the world's hungriest

The United Nations food aid agency and an organization founded by Haitian pop star Wyclef Jean announced today that they have joined forces to distribute food in two of the most violent neighbourhoods in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, where hunger is so severe that residents consume mud pies containing trace nutrients.

UN refugee agency alarmed over situation in southern Colombia

Following the flight of more than 500 Colombians to Ecuador over the weekend, the United Nations refugee agency said today it was "very concerned" about the humanitarian situation in the southern part of Colombia, where armed combat has been reported.

Guatemala: UN appeals for urgent funds to feed 285,000 hurricane victims

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today issued a new urgent appeal to donors to help feed an estimated 285,000 Guatemalan victims of last month’s Hurricane Stan, warning that they face a severe hunger crisis as early as this Christmas.

UN labour chief hails Summit of Americas for focus on decent job creation

he United Nations labour agency has hailed the recent Summit of the Americas for succeeding "in an unprecedented way" in making the creation of decent jobs a central policy goal in the region.

UN agencies to assist El Salvador military with AIDS prevention, sexual health

Two United Nations agencies are signing an agreement today with El Salvador’s Ministry of Defence that will help educate the country’s military about sexual and reproductive health and AIDS prevention.

Top UN refugee official promotes refugee protection plan with Brazilian leaders

The United Nations' top refugee official met with Brazilian Government leaders today to seek support for a new plan to protect and assist those who have been forced to flee their homes.

General Assembly issues annual call for an end to US embargo against Cuba

For the 14th year in a row, the United Nations General Assembly today overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for an end to the 41-year-old commercial, economic and financial embargo by the United States against Cuba and objecting to laws and regulations compelling third countries to adhere to it.

Brazil becomes 100th member to join UN tobacco control treaty

In a symbolic milestone, Brazil has become the 100th Party to the United Nations global convention to curb tobacco use, which currently causes 5 million mainly preventable deaths and a net loss of $200 billion in treatment and lost productivity each year.

Month after hurricane, 50,000 Central Americans still homeless, funds short

Nearly one month after hurricane Stan devastated parts of Central America with flooding and landslides, nearly 50,000 displaced people in Guatemala and El Salvador remain unable to return to their homes and United Nations efforts to raise money for humanitarian relief have not been met with adequate funds.