South Sudan: UN agencies reach more than half a million people with life-saving aid

Two United Nations agencies have reached more than half a million people, including 100,000 children under the age of five, in the most remote and conflict-hit areas of South Sudan with life-saving supplies and services.

In West Africa, UN launches strengthened response as Ebola shatters lives, orphans children

Amid a climbing death toll and widespread panic, the Ebola outbreak continues to ravage West Africa leaving thousands of orphaned children in its wake, an official for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned today, as a fortified UN mission arrived in the region to confront and contain the growing crisis.

At General Assembly, Eritrea criticizes ‘dominant powers’ for impeding vital overhaul of UN

From the General Assembly podium today, Eritrea called for a fundamental overhaul of the United Nation, charging that it has failed in its prime goals of securing world peace and ending poverty due to cynical determination of the dominant Powers to maintain control.

World grossly ill-prepared to ‘douse wildfire’ sparked by Ebola, West African leaders tell UN

Leaders from Sierra Leone and Liberia, the two countries, along with Guinea at the frontlines of the battle against the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa, urged the General Assembly today ensure the United Nations mounted a stronger, better coordinated response “to end this grave threat to our collective survival.”

Eritrea: UN expert to investigate pervasive rights abuses as part of ‘historic’ inquiry

Amid forced conscription, extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, the human rights situation in Eritrea continues to remain “dire,” a United Nations independent expert warned, adding that a new Commission of Inquiry would help “pave the way” to accountability.

Head of new UN Ebola emergency response mission arrives in Ghana

The head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) today joined an advance team deployed in Accra, Ghana, to ensure the rapid, effective and coherent action necessary to stop the outbreak, treat the infected, ensure essential services, preserve stability and prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Libya: UN envoy hails start of political dialogue aimed at resolving ongoing crisis

The top United Nations envoy to Libya called today a historic day as the political dialogue aimed at resolving the crisis in the country got under way in the town of Ghadames.

UN refugee chief warns against overlooking humanitarian crises in Africa

The United Nations refugee chief today warned the international community about the risks of overlooking the humanitarian crises in Africa, calling for a renewed commitment to preventing conflict and ending protracted displacement.

At UN debate, African leaders say global sustainability agenda must reflect local realities

With a new sustainable development agenda as the focus of this year’s annual General Assembly debate, African leaders today called on the United Nations to take into consideration the continent’s specific realities and challenges.

Development, political process top agenda for African leaders addressing UN Assembly

The Vice-President of Burundi today told the United Nations General Assembly that his country would consider it erroneous to abandon the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and “reset the counter to zero” after the 2015 deadline for reaching those landmark targets.