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Burundi: UN chief calls on all sides to avert crisis by engaging in inclusive political dialogue

Hailing the resumption of talks between the Burundian parties in Entebbe, Uganda, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged all sides to engage in constructive dialogue as renewed violence prompts fears of a relapse into the decades of civil war that killed tens of thousands of people.

Japanese-Korean accord on ‘comfort women’ must be speedily implemented, says UN official

Commending the Governments of Japan and the Republic of Korea on their landmark agreement to resolve the longstanding issue of ‘comfort women,’ a senior United Nations human rights official today called for its speedy implementation to heal the still raw wound.

Haiti: two UN female police officers found dead in their house

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) has announced the death of two female police officers, whose bodies were found in their house in the northern town of Cap-Haïtien.

First-round vote in strife-torn Central African Republic ‘undeniable success’ – UN envoy

Yesterday’s presidential and legislative elections in the Central African Republic (CAR), a major step on the path to stability after two years of conflict between Muslims and Christians, were an “undeniable success” with a massive turnout, the top United Nations official there said today.

UN mission in Liberia looking into alleged misconduct by peacekeepers

The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has dispatched a preliminary fact-finding team to look into an allegation that two members of its military personnel were involved in a possible case of serious misconduct involving the beating of a teenage boy.

UN tribunal on Rwandan genocide formally closes – major role in fight against impunity

The United Nations tribunal set up 21 years ago to judge those guilty for the genocide in Rwanda of more than 800,000 people – overwhelmingly Tutsi, and also moderate Hutu, Twa and others – formally closed today after delivering 45 judgments as part of the Organization’s efforts to stamp out impunity for crimes against humanity.

Improved dialogue needed between UN and troop- and police-contributors, Security Council stresses

The Security Council today, noting “frustrations on all sides,” highlighted the need to improve dialogue between the United Nations Secretariat and the countries that provide troops and police personnel for the numerous peace operations deployed around the world.

Proper sanitation becomes separate UN human right in enhanced fight against deadly infections

With more than 2.5 billion people worldwide, one third of the total population, living without access to proper toilets, the United Nations General Assembly has recognised sanitation as a separate human right in a bid to curb a major source of deadly infections.

Yemen: UN agency appeals to all sides to allow food in for hundreds of thousands under siege

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today appealed to all parties to the conflict in Yemen to allow food in for hundreds of thousands of hungry people under siege in the central city of Taiz, who have been deprived of supplies for many weeks.

Sustainable Development Goals to kick in with start of new year

As 2015 comes to an end, and with it the 15-year cycle of the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations officially will usher in – on 1 January 2016 – an even more ambitious set of goals to banish a whole host of social ills by 2030.