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Disabled must not be forgotten in development drive, Ecuador tells UN

Ecuador’s Vice-President cautioned at the United Nations today that the drive to realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have left out an important segment of the population – persons with disabilities.

France calls for wide-ranging reforms to make UN more effective and responsive

France today called for a “stronger, more representative and more efficient” United Nations to promote quicker economic development, fight climate change more effectively, garner the needed resources to do so, and reform the Security Council and Human Rights Council.

General Assembly hears appeal for Bangla to be made an official UN language

Bangla should be named an official United Nations language to reflect the vast number of its speakers and its heritage in literature and history, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh has told the General Assembly.

UN hands out shelter materials to Haitian quake survivors hit by storm

Residents of more than 160 of the numerous temporary settlements that sprang up in Haiti following January’s catastrophic earthquake have been hit by a deadly rainstorm that lashed the capital, Port-au-Prince, on Friday and are in urgent need of shelter material, the United Nations reported today.

Morocco proposes high-level UN dialogue on African investment

To maximize Africa’s potential, the Prime Minister of Morocco today called for a high-level General Assembly dialogue on spurring investment in the continent, which is home to more than 900 million people and abounds in natural resources.

Algeria issues call at UN for debt relief and increased market access

Algeria today called for reform of the world economic system, including debt relief for developing countries, a reinforced United Nations role in protecting biodiversity, and full international engagement in combating climate change.

UN rights probe into Gaza flotilla incident rebukes Israel for ‘unnecessary’ violence

Israel demonstrated “totally unnecessary violence” during its interception of the Gaza-bound flotilla on 31 May, the head of the fact-finding mission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council said today.

Cuba calls for UN reform to prevent possible military attack against Iran

Cuba today called for radical United Nations reform and a strengthening of the General Assembly to confront current challenges that include the threat of “powerful and influential forces” in the United States and Israel paving the way to launch a military attack on Iran.

Saint Kitts and Nevis speaks out during UN debate on high costs of violence

Inter-personal violence accounts for one death every 20 seconds and has ruinous effects on many others’ lives, the Foreign Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis told the United Nations today, calling on the General Assembly to take concerted action to reduce violence, particularly among the world’s youth.

Lopsided trade must be evened out for lasting recovery, Jamaica tells UN

Existing trade imbalances must be redressed to ensure a sustainable economic recovery, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding told the General Assembly today, urging renewed efforts to wrap up the so-called Doha Round of talks on reducing global trade barriers.