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Eritrea alleges UN ‘ignoring’ Ethiopian occupation of its territory

Eritrea’s Foreign Minister today told the General Assembly that the United Nations “continues to ignore” Ethiopia’s failure to comply with the ruling of an international commission that delineated the border between the two countries after their 1998-2000 war.

Pakistani official calls for peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute at UN

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today that his country is willing to engage in a dialogue with India to find an “amicable” solution to the dispute over Kashmir, which he noted is one of the oldest on the agenda of the United Nations.

Sierra Leone at critical juncture in peacebuilding efforts, UN warned

Sierra Leone, often cited as a success story in United Nations efforts to consolidate peace in countries that have been ravaged by conflict, faces good opportunities but also major risks from upcoming elections and newly found mineral wealth, a senior UN official said today.

Senior UN official in DR Congo to investigate mass rape of civilians

A leading United Nations official in the fight against sexual violence during conflict began a week-long visit to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today to coordinate a response to the mass rape by rebels of more than 300 civilians two months ago in the country’s east.

At UN, Greece urges compromise on former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s name

Greece’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today that his country is ready to reach a solution as early as tomorrow on the long-running dispute over the official name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Chad calls on world to stand by its UN development summit pledges

Chad voiced concern today that despite the pledges at last week’s United Nations summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the proposals for stepping up the fight against poverty, hunger disease and a host of other will remain mere words.

Indonesia urges stronger ties between UN and regional organizations

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister called today for enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations, especially the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Reforms can help UN remain central figure in global governance, says Liechtenstein

Highlighting the primacy of the United Nations amid a growing field of groupings, such as the Group of 20 (G20) developed and emerging powers and others that discuss global issues, the Foreign Minister of Liechtenstein today called on Member States to reform the world body so that it can remain the central forum for finding effective solutions to today’s challenges.

UN official stresses vital role of sports in achieving key development goals

Sports federations could play an important part towards achieving the social and economic targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations Special Adviser on Sport for Development says.

More countries at General Assembly back Middle East peace talks

The resumption of direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian leaders received backing from more States at the General Assembly with a number of speakers this week describing the engagement as the best hope for realizing peace in the Middle East in the near future.