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Efforts to increase number of female police bearing fruit, says top UN cop

The United Nations initiative to boost the number of female police officers deployed in peacekeeping missions around the globe has made real progress since it was launched a year ago, according to the world body’s top police official.

Island States call for concrete results from upcoming UN climate change meeting

Three small island States today said the forthcoming climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, must come up with a binding agreement to address the problem, stressing at the General Assembly that the their unique vulnerability made the issue even more urgent for them.

European nations avow UN centrality in overcoming global obstacles

European nations have underlined the crucial role of the United Nations in prevailing over key global challenges, urging continued reform of the Organization to ensure its efficiency at the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

At UN, Holy See hails Millennium Development Goals document, with reservations

The Holy See today hailed the efforts to eliminate poverty at last week’s United Nations summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) but voiced concern at paragraphs on population control and minority lifestyles in the outcome document.

Assembly President discusses key issues with dozens of world leaders

General Assembly President Joseph Deiss has held meetings with dozens of world leaders and other senior officials and heads of regional groups on the sidelines of high-level events at United Nations Headquarters in New York over the past several days.

Assembly President calls on Member States to be ‘brave enough’ to move forward

The General Assembly wrapped up its opening annual session today with a fervent appeal from its President for Member States to show the courage needed to move beyond deadlock to achieve peace in the world’s flashpoints and translate fine words on combating poverty into action.

UN debate hears calls for greater voice for poorer and smaller nations

Poorer and smaller countries should have a greater role in the affairs of the United Nations to make the Organization even more representative of the world and its peoples, the General Assembly’s high-level debate heard today.

Libya proposes turning General Assembly into world parliament

Libya has proposed strengthening the General Assembly to function as the world’s premier legislative body, enacting binding resolutions that would be implemented by the a widened Security Council.

Timorese police resume responsibility from UN for key security bodies

The Timorese national police force today resumed primary responsibility for the fledgling nation’s Immigration Department, Border Patrol Unit and Interpol Office from the United Nations as the gradual transfer of security functions continues.

Japan becomes first-ever Asian nation to resettle refugees – UN

Flashing cameras and well-wishers’ applause greeted 18 refugees when they touched down today in Tokyo, where they will begin new lives as part of Asia’s first-ever resettlement programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported.