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Ban deeply saddened by deadly inter-communal clashes in Nigerian city

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced his deep sadness at the inter-communal violence in the Nigerian city of Jos which has resulted in the loss of life, the displacement of people and the destruction of property over the past several days.

UNESCO deplores killings of journalists in India, Mexico and Pakistan

The United Nations agency entrusted with defending press freedom has called on India, Mexico and Pakistan to take greater steps to protect reporters from an increasing number of attacks after the murders of four journalists in the three countries over the past month.

UN envoy to war-torn eastern DR Congo wraps up latest round of talks

The United Nations envoy tasked with helping to resolve the conflict behind the recent fighting that has engulfed the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has completed his second round of consultations with leaders in the African Great Lakes region.

Zimbabwe: UN agency calls for $2 million to fight cholera epidemic

The United Nations health agency today called for $2 million for a three-month assault on Zimbabwe’s worst cholera epidemic in over 15 years, including emergency health supplies, water purification equipment, portable diagnostic kits and trained personnel.