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Record number of people with HIV now accessing antiretroviral treatment – UN

Nearly 10 million people living with HIV were accessing antiretroviral treatment last year, says a new United Nations report, which notes that even more people can be reached with smart planning.

UN envoy calls for immediate halt to fighting in Somali port city of Kismayo

The top United Nations envoy in Somalia on Saturday called for an immediate halt to armed clashes that have flared up again in the southern port city of Kismayo among groups claiming leadership over the “Jubaland” regional administration.

Egypt: amid mounting tensions, Ban encourages peaceful dialogue, non-violence

With many “strong and opposing opinions” being expressed in Egypt, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the right of the people to demonstrate peacefully and called on all parties in the country “to respect this right and to uphold the law.”

UN agency alarmed by deaths of displaced persons in Myanmar's Rakhine state

The United Nations refugee agency today voiced concern about a violent incident in western Myanmar's Rakhine state that killed two internally displaced persons (IDPs) and wounded six others, including two minors.

As end of refugee status approaches, UN working to ensure proper closure for Rwandans

The United Nations refugee agency said today it is working closely with concerned Governments to bring to a proper closure the situation of Rwandans who fled their country before 31 December 1998, as the recommended end date for their refugee status approaches on Sunday.

UN agency to help Mali refugees participate in upcoming presidential elections

With only one month to go before the presidential elections take place in Mali, the United Nations is helping neighbouring countries deal with refugees who will be voting outside their home country.

New selections for Afghan human rights body should be reconsidered – UN official

The United Nations human rights chief today warned that recent appointments to Afghanistan's top human rights body compromise its independence and effectiveness and undermine its high standing with the public and international partners.

New head of UN industrial development agency reiterates commitment to developing countries

The new head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has vowed more effective services to alleviate poverty and assist countries in the improvement of their industrial sectors.

Money sent home by migrant workers could boost rural economies, UN says

Remittances – the money sent by migrants to their home countries – could generate $30 billion annually for investment in rural areas if initiatives were scaled up, according to the United Nations agency that works to improve the lives of the world's rural poor.

UN online platform gives experts access to vital data on global forest health

A new online platform launched today by the United Nations agriculture agency allows scientists and climate change experts to calculate crucial data for bioenergy strategies, including forest volume, biomass and forest carbon.