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Syria: UN chief condemns latest bloody violence against civilians

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced his deep concern over reports from Syria that hundreds of protesters have been killed or injured in the city of Hama and other towns across the country during the weekend.

Marking International Friendship Day, UN chief urges global amity

On the first International Day of Friendship, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the global community to work together to build a peaceful, more prosperous world, where old friendships flourish and new ones are made.

UNESCO condemns murders of journalists in Mexico and Brazil

The United Nations agency tasked with defending and promoting press freedom today condemned the murders of journalists in Mexico and Brazil, two Latin American countries where reporters have already been killed this year.

UN calls on Malawi to set up inquiry into allegations of human rights abuses

The United Nations human rights office today urged the Malawian Government to set up a transparent investigation into allegations that its security forces committed grave rights violations when they clashed with protesters last week.

Kyrgyzstan: UN agency provides tents to families displaced by deadly quake

The United Nations refugee agency has provided 250 family-sized tents to house about 2,000 people left homeless in south-western Kyrgyzstan after last week’s deadly earthquake on the country’s border with Uzbekistan.

UN agency assists Congolese refugees to return home from Gabon

The United Nations refugee agency is helping hundreds of Congolese to repatriate from Gabon to their former homes over the next week as a deadline looms for them to either apply to remain in Gabon or lose their refugee status.

Asia-Pacific States seek UN support to ease impediments to trade and investment

Government representatives from some 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region today sought United Nations assistance in their efforts to have bottlenecks to intra-regional trade and investment removed to foster growth, particularly in the poorest nations.

UN urges anti-drug measures for both Afghanistan and ‘consumer countries’

The head of the United Nations anti-drugs agency has called for strengthening border controls around Afghanistan – still the world’s leading producer of opium and heroin – boosting security in that country, and lowering demand in so-called “consumer countries.”

Myanmar: Ban underlines need to release all remaining political prisoners

Releasing all remaining political prisoners is the single most important step that authorities in Myanmar can take, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, expressing hope that the Government of the Asian nation will soon take steps towards greater democracy.

After body of Sri Lankan rights defender is apparently found, UN calls for action

The United Nations human rights office today called for the swift investigation and prosecution of the killers of a prominent human rights defender whose body is believed to have been found, 17 months after he disappeared.