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Tests of suspected SARS case in China remain inconclusive – UN health agency

Test results carried out on a suspected SARS patient in China remain inconclusive and further examination is needed to see if he is suffering from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the first possible instance of the potentially deadly disease in six months, according to the latest update by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

UN refugee agency hails 2003 as ‘good year in bad world’ despite growing risks

Calling 2003 “a good year in a bad world," the head of the United Nations refugee agency said today significant progress has been made toward finding lasting solutions for some of the 20 million people currently of concern to the agency despite increasing danger for humanitarian workers.

UNICEF pledges to focus on child survival and other basic concerns in 2004

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today pledged to focus its efforts next year on helping the young to survive in a world where they are often caught up in war, ravaged by HIV/AIDS, imperilled by exploitation, and under-serviced by society.

UN envoy unveils Kosovo budget for next year

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today released details of the province's budget for 2004, revealing there will be a small deficit but revenue will be higher than expected as the UN mission there tries to rebuild the area torn by fighting in the late 1990s.

Annan appeals for funds for post-conflict Sierra Leone

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is appealing for funds to help the Sierra Leonean military and police "quickly improve their overall capability and project a credible deterrence profile" as progress is made in consolidating peace in the West African country.

Food harvest in Southern Africa imperilled by dry spell, UN reports

A lack of recent rain across Southern Africa has delayed the planting of crops in four countries and is expected to reduce the yields of those already planted, according to United Nations agencies working in the region.

Iran: UN health agency seeks $3.5 million to help quake victims

With cold night temperatures, inadequate water and sanitation, and insufficient care for the injured posing serious risks for the survivors of Iran's devastating earthquake, the United Nations health agency has appealed for $3.5 million to buy supplies and rehabilitate health facilities to prevent further sickness and deaths.

UN transfers $.2.6 billion in oil revenues to development fund for Iraq

The United Nations today is transferring $2.6 billion in surplus funds from its now-defunct "oil-for-food" programme to the Development Fund for Iraq.

Liberia: UN troops move further into rebel-held territory

United Nations peacekeepers today moved further into parts of Liberia that had been held by two different rebel groups in the war-ravaged country.

In 2003, UN food agency helped more people than ever in its 40-year history

After mounting the largest humanitarian aid operation ever with its efforts in Iraq, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in 2003 helped 110 million hungry people worldwide – a record in the agency's 40-year history.