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UNICEF warns of looming ‘learning catastrophe’ in war-torn Sudan

UNICEF warns of looming ‘learning catastrophe’ in war-torn Sudan


Sudan is “on the brink of a learning catastrophe” as war is preventing 19 million children from continuing their education, which could translate into a staggering $26 billion lifetime earning loss. 

The warning comes from Mandeep O’Brien, Representative of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Sudan, where rival military forces have been battling since last April. 

She said UNICEF and partners are working to get schools to re-open safely, where conditions allow, in addition to providing e-learning and psychosocial support for children at camps for internally displaced people (IDPs).  

Ms. O’Brien told UN News’s Abdelmonem Makki that as conflict rages in places such as Gaza and Ukraine, the world must not forget about Sudan. 

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