News in Brief 7 March 2023

News in Brief 7 March 2023

This is the News in Brief from the United Nations.

UN’s Guterres lands in Poland ahead of Ukraine visit

UN Secretary-General António Guterres touched down in Poland on Tuesday, bound for Ukraine.

The UN chief’s spokesperson said that Mr. Guterres would meet President Volodymir Zelensky in Kyiv on Wednesday.

They are expected to discuss the continuation of the successful Black Sea Grain Initiative, set up by the UN to ensure that Ukrainian grain exports and Russian food and fertilizer can reach global markets and stave off famine around the world.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy set to further weaken cholera-hit Malawi

Malawi’s deadly cholera outbreak could worsen if - as expected - Tropical Cyclone Freddy triggers further heavy rainfall in the south of the country, the UN said on Tuesday.

From the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, Malawi Representative Rudolf Schwenk said that since the outbreak was officially announced a year ago, cholera has spread to 29 districts across Malawi.

“So, it’s all over the country, affecting more than 50,000 people and over 1,500 deaths. Of these, more than 12,000 children have contracted cholera, and of these, unfortunately 197 - almost 200 - have died.”

Ongoing COVID-19 cases across the nation, along with an earlier outbreak of cholera in Malawi have drained resources and left health services overwhelmed, UNICEF said.

In a related warning, the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that Tropical cyclone Freddy “will once again bring more heavy rainfall to the south of the country”, according to Malawi’s national weather service.

The development will likely create additional life-threatening challenges to communities who are already struggling as the rainy season reaches its height, combined with the fact that it is now the annual lean season in Malawi.

UN launches $876 million appeal for Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees

The UN and partners on Tuesday issued an urgent appeal for $876 million to help Rohingya refugees and their hosts in Bangladesh.

The funding is needed to support 1.47 million people and involves 116 partners, nearly half of them national organizations from Bangladesh.

Almost a million Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar and are now sheltering in Bangladesh will get help, along with nearly half a million Bangladeshis in neighbouring communities.

They’ll receive food, shelter, health care, access to drinkable water, protection services, education, as well as livelihood opportunities and training.

Women and children make up more than 75 per cent of the targeted refugee population.

They face higher risks of abuse, exploitation, and gender-based violence, warned the UN refugee agency, which noted that more than half of the refugees in camps are under 18.

A huge fire on Sunday tore through part of the vast Cox’s Bazar camp in Bangladesh, leaving thousands without shelter.

Daniel Johnson, UN News.

  • Secretary-General lands in Poland ahead of Ukraine visit
  • Tropical Cyclone Freddy set to further weaken cholera-hit Malawi: UNICEF, WMO
  • UN launches $876 million appeal for Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi hosts
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