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UNiting Against Hate episode 5: Tools to combat hate

UNiting Against Hate episode 5: Tools to combat hate


According to leading international human rights organization Minority Rights Group (MRG), there was a 400-fold increase in the use of hate terms online in Pakistan between 2011 and 2021.

In this episode of UNiting Against Hate, Katy Dartford speaks to activists from MRG, and two partner organizations: Pakistan-based think tank Bytes for All, and Iraq-based Kirkuk Now.

They’ve all worked together on a “toolkit” designed to help improve the reporting of hate speech, and provide advice on how to work with young people or the media to generate positive speech to counter online and offline hate.

Find out more about the UN's #NoToHate campaign here.

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UN News/ Katy Dartford
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United Nations