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PODCAST: Breaking the silence of poverty

PODCAST: Breaking the silence of poverty


It’s been thirty years since the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to create the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, on 17 October 1992.

Great advances have been made in reducing global poverty since then, particularly in China and India, but the period has also seen significant increases in inequality, between and within countries.

To get a better idea of what progress has been made in dealing with poverty worldwide, Conor Lennon met Aye Aye Win, the President of the International Committee for October 17, which promotes the spirit and aims of the International Day, and Stacy White, an activist who advocates for some of the poorest people in New York.

Music: Within the Earth, Ketsa

Audio Credit
UN News/ Conor Lennon
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ILO/Marcel Crozet