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PODCAST: The electronic sounds of pan-African collaboration

PODCAST: The electronic sounds of pan-African collaboration


Uganda’s status as a refuge has seen large numbers escaping conflict in neighbouring and nearby countries, in particular South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and living in relative safety.

Whilst many are living in refugee camps administered by the UN in the north of the country, such as the Bidi Bidi settlement, others have made their way to the capital, Kampala, and some are making an impact on Uganda’s alternative music scene.

Conor Lennon from UN News visited the headquarters of the Nyege Nyege record label in Kampala, which hosts a range of strikingly original artists from several countries, many of whom live on-site and collaborate with other musicians, whilst they develop their style, working towards critical and financial success.

Music: Ketsa, Within the Earth

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UN News/ Conor Lennon
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