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World Youth Skills Day: Fighting child labour in Cambodia

World Youth Skills Day: Fighting child labour in Cambodia


The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has joined forces with the Cambodian Government using the power of education to help end child labour, during the economic slump brought on by COVID-19.

Tonle Sap Lake is one of the most productive inland fishing waters in the world due to flooding and monsoons, and fisheries are the backbone of Cambodia’s economy, with more than half of its fish production coming from the Lake.

But the nearly five million residents clustered around its shores and among the poorest in Asia, and many must send their children to work, not school, to fish or grow rice, just to survive.

As the world marks World Youth Skills Day, where education is seen as a vital tool of youth empowerment, FAO’s Charlotta Lomas, has this special report.

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Audio credit: Charlotta Lomas, Anais Hotin, Marina Sánchez Castelo, Chann Tet, Sophana Sim, Panos
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