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UN’s education agency lauds world’s most exceptional teacher  

UN’s education agency lauds world’s most exceptional teacher  


From India’s Maharashtra state, super educator Ranjitsinh Disale was awarded a $1 million Global Teacher Prize for his exceptional impact on the lives of hundreds of students, especially girls.  

From more than 12,000 teachers from over 140 countries, Mr. Disale was selected for the annual award – sponsored by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, and a UK-based non-profit organization working to improve education access to underprivileged children.

Recognized for going above and beyond, he changed the way parents perceive education and innovated classrooms to engage students and spark their interests. This extraordinary teacher even had a hand in helping to call off underage marriages.  

Speaking to UN News’ Anshu Sharma, Mr. Disale began by telling what it means for him to have received this accolade.

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