PODCAST: Radio renaissance aids teachers in South Sudan during COVID-19

11 June 2020

While many in the developed world are home schooling via Zoom and other online tools these days, in South Sudan, it’s old-fashioned radio that’s proving the best way to keep children on track with schoolwork.

The country is still recovering from a brutal, seven-year civil war, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. The UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan, UNMISS, has a mandate to protect civilians and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, that includes providing advice on limiting the spread of the virus.

UNMISS also runs Radio Miraya, a highly trusted news source, currently broadcasting educational programming for the many children who, due to COVID-19 measures, are unable to be in the classroom.

For this episode of our flagship UN News podcast, the Lid Is On, Conor Lennon reports on the radio renaissance underway, in the world’s youngest country.

Music credit: Ketsa, ‘Within the Earth’

Audio Credit:
Conor Lennon/ UN News
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