UNcomplicated: Inside the UN’s big week

UNcomplicated: Inside the UN’s big week


For this second episode of our new hit podcast from UN News, the UNcomplicators delve inside the biggest week of the year at UN Headquarters when world leaders come to town, and the key summits take place, that can shape policymaking for decades to come.

Sinduja and Jason speak to one of the world’s best interpreters about the challenges the team of more than 120 language experts face, covering the UN’s six official languages, during dozens of high-stakes speeches - where every word counts.

Music credits: The Veil, by the band Signal and Report, written by Chris Hall and Noah Miller; along with their track, Abbey Minor.

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Photo credit: Mingxia Xu, for UN News.

Audio Credit
Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall
Photo Credit
Mingxia Xu