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Young Chadians join terrorist groups due to 'ignorance’

Young Chadians join terrorist groups due to 'ignorance’


Young people in Chad are joining outlawed terrorist groups “because of ignorance,” according to a traditional leader in one of the most insecure and unstable parts of the West African country.

Youssouf Mbodou Mbami is the chief of the Canton of Bol and presides over a large swathe of Lake Chad, an area where many young people have been recruited or forced to join terrorist groups, such as Boko Haram.

Daniel Dickinson travelled with Youssouf Mbodou Mbami to the island of Ngomiron Doumou where up to 300 men, women and  children were abducted at gunpoint by Boko Haram fighters in 2015.

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Daniel Dickinson, UN News.
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UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe