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AIDS is ‘far from over’

AIDS is ‘far from over’


The sense that winning the battle against AIDS is a done-deal, has been slowing progress on reducing new HIV infections, and in reality, it’s “far from over”, according to the chief of the UN agency dedicated to tackling the virus.

And what is more, Gunilla Carlsson, the acting Executive Director of UNAIDS, says that if we forget about people at risk, such as intravenous drug users, men who have sex with men and sex workers, “we will not solve the problem with the rise of new HIV infections”.

In an interview with UN News, she said although world leaders had signed up for “an AIDS-free generation by 2030” if we don’t walk the talk, “we might not get there”.

Ms. Carlsson spoke to Liz Scaffidi.

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Liz Scaffidi, UN News
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