'YouTubers’ putting a stop to intolerance on International Day

'YouTubers’ putting a stop to intolerance on International Day


Ending intolerance means eliminating one of humanity’s “dark spots,” Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal, better known as YouTube hip-hop artist and musician, L-FRESH THE LION, told UN News on Friday, marking the International Day for Tolerance.

L-FRESH and four other Youtubers from India, Germany, Canada and Sudan are part of the Youtube Creators for Change initiative, which spotlights inspirational creators who use the video platform to foster productive conversations around tough global issues.

The creators took part in an educational event in observance of the International Day at UN Headquarters in New York.

L-FRESH, an Australian-born, Sikh artist, born to Indian immigrants, told UN News how he is striving to break down cultural barriers by drawing from his multinational background and creating hip-hop lyrics based on his day-to-day experience.

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