Zahara takes charge: UN helps today’s girls become the leaders of tomorrow

11 October 2018

What would a Ugandan teenager like to do if she got to run one of the UN’s key agencies for a day?

For this latest edition of our UN Gender Focus podcast, from UN News, you’re about to find out.

18-year-old Zahara had a tough upbringing, fending for herself as the youngest of six, finally battling her way to become a youth advocate for girls’ empowerment.

Marking the International Day of the Girl Child on Thursday, the head of the UN sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA, invited her to take over for the day at UN Headquarters in New York.

Yasmina Guerda went along to meet them.

Audio credit: Yasmina Guerda, UN News.

Music credits:  I Have A Plan, by Borrtex, and Rise and Shine, by Audiobinger


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Yasmina Guerda
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