UN Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur preparing for 2020 departure

11 October 2018

With the hybrid African Union/UN peacekeeping Mission in Darfur, UNAMID, preparing to drawn down by June 2020, key questions remain, including what will happen to around two million internally-displaced, or IDPs, who are living in temporary camps – many still too afraid to return home.

That’s one of UNAMID’s key concerns, which has been fulfilling its mandate since 2007, to save lives, and help bring relief to the hundreds-of-thousands who were forced out of their homes by years of conflict between government forces, and militias.

Jumbe Omari Jumbe, has been speaking to the Mission’s Chief of Staff, Luk Mhlaba, in North Darfur, and asked him to outline UNAMID’s main achievements so far. 

Audio Credit:
Jumbe Omari Jumbe, UNAMID
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