Largest Nigeria yellow fever vaccination campaign ever

Largest Nigeria yellow fever vaccination campaign ever


The Nigerian government launched a mass vaccination campaign in alliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday, to immunize more than 25 million people before the end of this year.

This drive is part of a global effort to eliminate the risk of yellow fever epidemics by 2026, which should be possible if 90 per cent of the population can be reached.

The Yellow fever virus is mosquito-borne, and the disease can cause jaundice due to liver damage.

Nigeria’s current yellow fever outbreak began in September, and by early January this year, a total of 358 suspected cases had been reported, with 45 deaths.

In late 2017, Nigeria vaccinated more than three million people in an initial emergency yellow fever campaign, with the aim of quickly containing the outbreak.

However, the virus continues to spread in parts of the country where people remain largely unprotected.

WHO is supporting the campaign by training thousands of healthcare workers, helping to track cases, and by providing coordination and logistical support.

Bronwen Cowley spoke to WHO Spokesperson Christian Lindmeier, for the latest.

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