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Podcast: Peacekeeping and protection in South Sudan

Podcast: Peacekeeping and protection in South Sudan


Defending the vulnerable from attack is one of the important duties of a UN peacekeeper, but what do you do when you come across a secret safe that may contain weapons, hidden away in a camp designed to protect civilians?

That’s one of the real-life dilemmas facing a UN police patrol in this latest edition of our podcast series from UN News, The Lid Is On.

We’ll be taking you inside one of the Protection of Civilian sites, where thousands of South Sudanese civilians have been sheltering during years of conflict, under the watchful eye of UN blue helmets from countries across the world.

Daniel Dickinson has been working as the Spokesperson for the UN Mission there, UNMISS, since early this year, and we asked him to report on the behind-the-scenes work that its troops and police get involved in every day, to try and ease the suffering of the world’s youngest nation.

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