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UN and Africa: MINUSMA, climate-ready communities and the Nepalese Formed Police Unit in South Sudan

UN and Africa: MINUSMA, climate-ready communities and the Nepalese Formed Police Unit in South Sudan


“We will succeed” pledges force commander of deadly Mali mission

The man in charge of blue helmets serving at the United Nation’s deadliest peacekeeping mission, which is facing serious shortfalls in equipment and personnel, has pledged to succeed - if he’s given the tools to do the job.  Force Commander of the UN Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), Major General Jean-Paul Deconinck, was speaking on the first day of the UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference held this week in Vancouver, Canada. He briefed ministers and senior military officers attending a special session on bolstering MINUSMA, where more than 30 blue helmets have died on active duty this year, largely following attacks by violent extremists.  Matt Wells was at the conference and asked Major General Deconinck why he’d come to Canada.

UN News/Mustafa Al Gamal.

Make communities more resilient to future climate shocks: UNEP official

Governments have a “huge responsibility” in ensuring that communities can respond to rising sea levels or other impacts of climate change, according to a senior official with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).  UNEP Deputy Executive Director Ibrahim Thiaw believes this preparation is especially critical for African countries, whose economies rely heavily on agriculture and fisheries.  Mr Thiaw was in Bonn this week for the latest UN climate change conference, known as COP23.  He spoke to Mustafa Al Gamal following a session on climate resilience held on Tuesday.

in South Sudan. Photo: UNMISS

Nepalese UN police chief: Children are South Sudan’s future

Children in South Sudan “must not be deprived” of their right to quality education.  That’s the passionate view of Shambhu Upreti, who commands the Nepal Formed Police Unit (FPU), currently supporting conflict-affected school children in South Sudan as part of the UN mission, UNMISS.  Since the outbreak of major civil conflict in 2013, many children have been forced to go to school in UN Protection-of-Civilian sites, or POC sites.  Mr Upreti spoke with Mach Samuel about how Nepalese peacekeepers and the UN can help dissolve conflict and create a peaceful environment at last for children.

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