UN Gender Focus: Chibok girls, refugees and Afghan women journalists

UN Gender Focus: Chibok girls, refugees and Afghan women journalists


Release of 82 more kidnapped Chibok girls welcomed by UN

The release of a further 82 of the so-called Chibok girls abducted by the Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria has been welcomed by the United Nations. The girls were freed this past weekend and a representative of the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, in the country said agency staff were supporting efforts to identify the released girls and give them medical check-ups. As a reminder: A total of 276 girls were abducted three years ago by the extremist group, and before Saturday's release, there were still around 195 being held. The abductions triggered worldwide outrage and a viral social media campaign in support of their release – #BringBackOurGirls. Here’s UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, speaking to reporters in New York following their release:

The small kitchen of Eat Offbeat in New York City. UN in Action image

Refugee chefs teach New Yorkers to Eat Offbeat

New York City, where UN Headquarters is located, is often described as a “melting pot” due to its amazing mix of cultures. People from all over the globe have found a home here, bringing with them their customs…and cuisines. Ana Carmo reports on a meal delivery service which supports some of the newest arrivals in the “Big Apple:” women who’ve been forced to flee their homelands.

Meena Mostayed, head of Radio Sana. Photo: UNAMA/Torpekai Amarkhel

“Many girls” want to “raise their voice”: Afghan radio journalist

Working as a female journalist in Afghanistan “is not easy” because it’s not safe, yet many girls still decide to enter the profession. That’s what a member of the Afghan Women Journalists Union told our colleague Shamsudden Hamedi at the UN mission in the country, UNAMA. Mr Hamedi has prepared this report on Afghan women journalists, including those working for the all-female station Radio Sana, located in the northern city of Pul-e-Khumri.

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