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UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, migrants and CAR

UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, migrants and CAR


“Tragic milestone”: 1 in 5 South Sudanese children now a refugee, UNICEF

South Sudan’s intensifying humanitarian crisis now means that a “tragic milestone” has been reached, with more than a million children forced to flee the country. UNICEF’s Chief of Communication in Sout h Sudan, Tim Irwin, said it represented a “generation on the brink of catastrophe”. Monday’s joint statement from the UN Children’s Fund, and the Refugee Agency UNHCR, says an estimated 5.5 million face serious hunger, and famine has already been declared in some parts of the country. I spoke to Mr Irwin on the line from Juba.

Some 275 refugees and migrants waiting to disembark from a tug in the Port of Pozzalo, Italy, after being rescued a few days earlier. Photo: UNHCR/F. Malavolta (file)

High seas robberies pose new threat to migrant sailing season

More than 6,000 migrants in the space of 72 hours, were rescued earlier this week from the Mediterranean Sea after leaving the North African coastline. The number is not a record, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), but it is an indication that the sailing season has begun in earnest.Reports have also emerged that armed gangs are now targeting migrants on the high seas, robbing them of their mobile phones and boat engines. Daniel Johnson spoke to the IOM's Joel Millman.

Najat Rochdi: Photo: Pascal Sim.

Mother tells UN Coordinator in CAR: “we don’t want to cry anymore”

News of Monday’s deadly assault on UN peacekeepers in in the Central African Republic, shone the spotlight once again on the proliferation of armed groups across CAR. Najat Rochdi, who is deputy head of the UN Stabilization Mission in CAR (MINUSCA), says that half the population now needs assistance and the country is in danger of “sacrificing a whole generation of children” to conflict. Clashes between armed groups divided along sectarian lines, plunged the country of 4.5 million people into civil conflict in 2013. Ms Rochdi, a former minister in the Moroccan government who took up her post a few weeks ago, spoke to Cristina Silveiro here at UN Headquarters.

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