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UN Gender Focus: violence against women, rural people and refugees in Turkey

UN Gender Focus: violence against women, rural people and refugees in Turkey


UN project highlights cost of violence against women in Arab Region

A new UN project is highlighting how estimating the cost of violence against women in Arab countries, can be an effective way of addressing this fundamental human rights violation. According to the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), 37 per cent of women in the Arab region report at least one form of physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. On Thursday, dozens of experts gathered at ESCWA’s headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, to discuss an economic model for costing violence against women, with the ultimate goal of effecting policy change. Stephanie Coutrix reports.

Women in Nepal learn how to grade apples for sale. Photo: IFAD/Shiva Adhikari

More private investment will provide “better future” for rural people

More private investment alongside public funding will provide a “better future” for rural people. That’s one of the key ideas behind a two-day conference which took place in Rome, dedicated to rural economic development, hosted by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The international meeting entitled, Investing in Inclusive Rural Transformation: Innovative Approaches to Financing, is geared towards realizing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, by better supporting smallholder farmers across the world. IFAD’s Director of Global Engagement, Ashwani Muthoo, told Matthew Wells what the main aims of the conference were.

Women refugees in Turkey. Photo: Mehtap Kuruoglu (courtesy of UNIDO)

New project empowers women refugees in Turkey

A new project to empower women in the refugee camps of Turkey has been launched by the UN’s Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Having fled conflict from countries like Syria and Iraq, they are being offered training in textile production with the aim of helping them find jobs and greater independence. Priyanka Shankar reports.

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