UN Gender Focus: South Sudan, LGBT community and Sustainable Development Goals

UN Gender Focus: South Sudan, LGBT community and Sustainable Development Goals


South Sudan at “tipping point” warns woman activist

South Sudan is at a “tipping point” and might slide back into war, a young woman activist from the country has warned. Rita Lopidia Abraham, founder and Executive Director of EVE Organization for Women Development, briefed the UN Security Council on Tuesday during a women, peace and security debate. Sixteen years ago, a resolution was adopted to recognize the pivotal role women have as peacebuilders even though they continue to bear the brunt of war. During the last outbreak in violence in July, women in South Sudan were raped, forced out of their homes and robbed. If a regional protection force is not deployed as mandated by the Council, she told Jocelyne Sambira, the situation will get much worse for women in her country.

Cicely-Belle Blain. UN Photo/Matt Wells

Risk of “outright violence” increasing against LBGT community in cities

The risk of “outright violence” against the LGBT community is growing in cities around the world but hopes are high that a newly-adopted agenda for future urban living will create more “safe spaces”. That’s the view of Cicely-Belle Blain, a Canadian youth worker, who was one of the delegates to the recent Habitat III conference on the future of cities, which took place in Quito, Ecuador. The New Urban Agenda, adopted at the conference in Ecuador, does not specifically mention lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues, although it calls for greater inclusion of minority groups. Ms Blain told Matthew Wells why her delegation had lobbied for the inclusion of a so-called “queer declaration".

Female superhero Wonder Woman, named by the UN as Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Credit: DC Entertainment

Wonder Woman designated as gender empowerment ambassador

The cartoon and movie character Wonder Woman has been designated by the UN as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.The designation is part of a campaign, in cooperation with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros., to raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality. Wonder Woman, one of the most iconic female superheroes, will be used by the UN to engage new audiences about the Sustainable Development Goals.Vibhu Mishra asked Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, how gender empowerment can be supported in the corporate world.

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