UN Gender Focus Special: LGBT

UN Gender Focus Special: LGBT


Caleb Orozco’s story of survival

Five years ago, Caleb Orozco challenged the criminalization of sodomy which is detailed in Section 53, of the Belize criminal code. The statute calls for a 10-year prison term for “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” Like many former colonies of the British Empire, Belize inherited the law from Britain. Caleb Orozco won the historic case and just last month Section 53 was overturned as a violation of the constitution. But his lonely battle against discrimination continues as he told Jocelyne Sambira.

Rainbow crossing shows LGBT fight continues

Representatives of the LGBT Core Group, including Samantha Power (centre), United States Ambassador to the UN, assemble at the rainbow crossing on 1st Avenue and 46th Street. OHCHR Photo/Charles Radcliffe

Homosexuality is still outlawed in 73 countries.... and change, although, slow is happening. The focus of the UN ministerial meeting was on the steps that governments can take to address that change….and while legislation is key changing the mindset of people is also part of the process. And small, sometimes, literal steps can be taken. Many delegates attending this and other meetings at the UN walked across a freshly painted crossing, decorated in the rainbow colours associated with the LGBT movement. It’s an initiative of the US, as host country and other like-minded Member States of the UN. Daniel Dickinson reports.

Presenter:  Daniel Dickinson

Production Assistant: Sandra Guy

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Caleb Orozco. OHCHR Photo/Charles Radcliffe