Countering young violent extremists: one ex-jihadist talks to The Lid Is On

26 August 2016

The “virulent spread” of violent extremism is posing a “direct assault” on the UN Charter and human rights around the world according to the UN, led by a new generation of young terrorists.

In the latest edition of our podcast The Lid Is On, we’ve been talking in-depth to a former supporter of the Taliban extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mubin Shaikh, about how the UN and Member States can turn the terrorist tide.

“When I was 19 (I believed) you could change the world overnight, and you could do it through violence” said Mr Shaikh, a Canadian, who went on to become a government counter-terrorism operative, and is now studying for a PhD in the United Kingdom.

He was part of a High Level Thematic Conversation on Children and Youth affected by Violent Extremism, at UN Headquarters in June.

Matthew Wells sat down with him for our latest podcast.

Music credits for this edition of The Lid Is On: Ryan Little, “The Winds”. Darksunn, “Fremen”.

Duration: 19’53”

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Matthew Wells
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