UN and Africa: focus on HIV/AIDS, African Development Week and Gabon economy

31 March 2016

Mandela grandsons say HIV/AIDS can be defeated by 2030

The grandsons of the man who fought to dismantle apartheid in South Africa say the global battle against HIV/AIDS can be won in their lifetime. Ndaba and Kweku Mandela are spokespersons for the Protect the Goal campaign, launched by UNAIDS in connection with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The two cousins were in Moscow recently for the 5th Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference. Dianne Penn reports.

Carlos Lopes. File Photo: UNECA

“Green” industrialization part of focus for African Development Week

Migration, climate change and what’s being called “green” industrialization, are just some of the issues topping the agenda as African economic and finance ministers gathered in Ethiopia this week. The Addis Ababa conference is part of the first ever African Development Week organized by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, known as the ECA, and the African Union. Carlos Lopes is the ECA Executive Secretary. Ernest Chicho asked him how the idea of a week dedicated to development, had evolved.

A woman outside her home in the village of Imbong, near Mekambo in Gabon's northeastern Ogooué-Ivindo province. UN Photo/Gill Fickling

Diversify to grow the economy, says top economist in Gabon

Diversifying Gabon’s economy will make it more resilient in the face of plunging oil prices. That’s according to International Monetary Fund’s Mission Chief for the West African country, Montfort Mlachila. The economy remains heavily dependent on oil and due to the drop in global prices, government revenues are falling dramatically along with exports. The overall growth rate remained at 4 per cent last year, but is expected to shrink to just over 3 per cent. Ismaila Dieng asked him how the economy could recover in 2016.

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