UN Gender Focus: women empowerment and maternal health

14 January 2016

Migration can “empower” women

The migration of women who take up work in other countries can be empowering, according to a senior UN expert on population issues. A report released by the UN shows that the number of migrants worldwide was 244 million in 2015, an increase of around 22 million over five years.  Half of those people were women or girls. The report, Trends in International Migrant Stock, says that the number of international migrants is growing faster than the global population. Daniel Dickinson spoke to Bela Hovy, from the Population Division, at the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and asked him about trends in the migration of women.

Portrait of woman in Marrakesh. File Photo: World Bank/Arne Hoel

Legal barriers to women’s economic empowerment still exist in many countries

Laws that impede women’s economic opportunities are on the books in more than 150 countries. The finding comes in a study by the World Bank which documents restrictions against women when it comes to getting a job, owning property, building credit and even seeking legal protection from violence. The report shows that gaps still remain in the goal to achieve gender equality. Dianne Penn reports.

Improvements in an incentive payment system for midwives in India has led to healthier mums and babies. Photo: World Bank

More efficient payment system in India means healthier mums and babies

Improvements in an incentive payment system for midwives in India has led to healthier mums and babies. Through the system, supported by the private sector investment arm of the World Bank, midwives receive cash payments for each baby born in a health centre. Children delivered by trained medical staff are more likely to survive than those born at home. Mandeep Pannu has the story of how improvements in the payment system in Binhar, India have resulted in more babies being born in a safer medical environment.

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