UN Gender Focus: sexual violence in Syria, rights of women in Montenegro and Pacific countries

17 December 2015

Most Syrians fleeing country because of fear of sexual violence 

Most of the Syrians who are fleeing their war-torn country, are doing so out of fear of sexual violence; that’s according to a senior UN humanitarian coordinator in the region. The brutal civil war in Syria has driven more than four million people to seek refuge in other countries. Sexual violence has affected men, as well as women and children. Dr Shible Sahbani is the Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) for Jordan and southern Syria. May Yaacoub asked him to outline the forms abuse that Syrians have been suffering.

Fiona McCluney. File Photo: UNDP/Luka Bošković

Boosting representation and rights of women in Montenegro: UN coordinator

Boosting the representation of women running for local office is just one of the ways in which the UN is bolstering rights and development in Montenegro. That’s according to the UN’s Resident Coordinator for Montenegro, Fiona McCluney, who has been in post in the small Balkan country, that became independent nine years ago, since the summer. Matthew Wells asked Ms McCluney to describe how the UN was working with the government of Montenegro.

Regional Conference on strengthening women's participation in parliaments. Photo: UNDP in the Pacific & PNG

Pacific countries focus on increasing women in parliaments

Countries in the Pacific are exploring ways of getting more women into legislative positions, with the support of the UN. Just five per cent of parliamentarians in the region are women. They face a number of barriers in getting into politics. Daniel Dickinson has been speaking to Roy Trivedy, the United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative in Papua New Guinea, which recently hosted a Regional Conference on strengthening women’s participation in politics.

Presenter: Matthew Wells

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