An Ethiopian women’s rights activist's thirst for education

10 July 2013

Education for girls is not a priority in her country Ethiopia, says Bogaletch Gebre, a women’s rights activist, stressing that their priority is taking care of the family and household chores.

When she was six or seven years old, an opportunity presented itself where an educated female relative came to visit and taught her the Amharic alphabet.

“Overnight, I finished the 260-some characters,” recounts Bogaletch, adding that “the next day, these characters started dancing in my head and nothing could stop me."

That was the start of her successful path to education where she would pretend to either fetch water or cut grass just to be able to go to school.

She sat down with Beng Poblete-Enriquez as she explained her quest for an education.

Duration: 4’48”


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