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‘One size fits none’ approach to young terrorists ‘could really backfire’: new UN University report

How does a child end up working for a terrorist organization that’s responsible for killing his own father?

That’s one of the questions addressed by a new report from the UN University (UNU) that’s drawn on two years of fieldwork.

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No doubt we will end FGM: New UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

An activist who has mobilized young people in West Africa to lobby against practices that are harmful to girls will now be advocating for change across the entire continent.

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Surviving Gaza: one mother tells us her community could go “over the edge” without UN support

Cuts in UN funding for Gaza’s Palestine refugees threaten to push the entire community “over the edge”, combined with what one senior official has called the “combustible cocktail of humanitarian, political and security challenges” facing the territory.

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‘Where peace begins’: helping Liberia turn the corner through the power of radio

The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) will close at the end of March 2018.

Over its nearly 15 years of operations, the peacekeeping mission has helped bring back peace and stability to the West African country.

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'Ready to go when crisis strikes': 25 years of UN rapid disaster response

It’s exactly 25 years since the UN created a new international emergency response team to respond to disasters around the world.

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Saved from Auschwitz to bear witness to the world: Eva Lavi’s extraordinary story

She describes herself as “only an ordinary woman”, but Eva Lavi made an extraordinary contribution inside the UN’s General Assembly Hall in January, fulfilling what she said was her God-given destiny, to bear witness to the evil of the Holocaust.

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Giving voice to Yemen’s voiceless: Jamie McGoldrick reflects on two years in charge of the UN’s humanitarian effort

This year’s UN Response Plan for Yemen, describes the war-torn country as “the worst man-made humanitarian crisis” in the world, with more than 22 million people – around three-quarters of the total population – in need of help.

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Tea and empathy: ZamZam Yusuf shares her refugee experience

Somali refugee ZamZam Yusuf has a message for any neighbours who think she doesn’t have the right to call Leicester, in the English Midlands, home.

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Podcast: UN “will save the world”: still passionate for peace at 90

He was one of the UN’s very first staff members, and 72 years on, Robert Kaminker is still advocating for peace and the power of the organization to ultimately “save the world”.

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Podcast: Japanese pioneer reflects on her first “business trip” to space

Astronaut Chiaki Mukai broke all the way through Earth’s stratosphere to become the first Japanese woman in space.

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