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From Angola to Iraq, mine removal ‘the precursor to peace’

In this episode of our podcast, The Lid is On, Paul Heslop of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) tells Dianne Penn how removing mines and bombs literally clears the path for peace and development.

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‘Frontier technology’ key element of new UN disarmament agenda

It’s time for the United Nations to play a bigger role in disarmament, according to UN chief António Guterres, calling for concrete, practical actions to promote peaceful conflict resolution. Among those actions is to maximize the benefits of “frontier technology”. Daniel Johnson discusses the various ways that the UN is looking to incorporate such technology in its disarmament agenda.

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Investing in education - It’s ‘about the future of the world’ says global envoy

The UN Special Envoy for Global Education is on a mission to convince wealthy donors that investing in good teachers and classrooms is an investment in our collective future.

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'From heart to hand' — one cartoonist’s graphic UN journey

After speaking to students at an event for The Holocaust and the UN Outreach Programme, celebrated Belgian-born Israeli cartoonist Michel Kichka sat down with Cristina Silveiro for our Lid Is On podcast to talk about the “overwhelming” and profound journey he began when he put pen to paper on a graphic novel examining the impact of his own father’s trauma surviving the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

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New fund takes on 'public health emergency' of global road deaths

For this latest Lid Is On podcast from UN News, we’ll hear from three of the leading voices involved in the new UN Road Safety Trust Fund, launched this month, which is committed to “accelerating progress” in saving the lives of pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists across the world.

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Digital innovation powering WFP efforts to end refugee hunger

Digital cash vouchers powered by the revolutionary technology behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are helping the UN ensure that food aid is getting to where it’s needed most.

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'Conflicting trends' see journalists under fire as global struggle for media freedom continues

Just because more laws are being passed protecting media freedom across the world, it doesn’t mean that governments will respect them, or allow citizens to use them.

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‘One size fits none’ approach to young terrorists ‘could really backfire’: new UN University report

How does a child end up working for a terrorist organization that’s responsible for killing his own father?

That’s one of the questions addressed by a new report from the UN University (UNU) that’s drawn on two years of fieldwork.

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No doubt we will end FGM: New UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

An activist who has mobilized young people in West Africa to lobby against practices that are harmful to girls will now be advocating for change across the entire continent.

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Surviving Gaza: one mother tells us her community could go “over the edge” without UN support

Cuts in UN funding for Gaza’s Palestine refugees threaten to push the entire community “over the edge”, combined with what one senior official has called the “combustible cocktail of humanitarian, political and security challenges” facing the territory.

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