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PODCAST: COVID-19 forces relief rethink at world’s largest humanitarian hub

International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai, the world’s largest humanitarian hub with some 135,000 square metres of warehouse space, has been transformed by the COVID-19 pande

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Durban +20: ‘Nobody’ is free from the impacts of racism, intolerance

As the UN independent expert on contemporary racism and intolerance, Tendayi Achiume leads a worldwide effort to combat related human rights violations and tackle systemic racism, through fact-finding missions on the ground, investigating alleged violations, and submitting her findings to the UN Human Rights Council and General Assembly in New York.

In this special edition of our Lid is On podcast - part of our multimedia coverage surrounding the 20th anniversary of the historic Durban Declaration to counter racism – Mita Hosali speaks to Ms. Achiume about where we stand now, two decades on.

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PODCAST: Durban +20 - forging a creative path in defense of human rights

In this UN News Lid is On podcast hosted by Natalie Hutchison - part of our coverage marking the 20th anniversary of the milestone declaration against racism signed in Durban, South Africa - dancer Derrick Washington shares his trajectory from shy and curious youngster, to professional anthropologist, and his recent work as a senior human rights fellow here at the United Nations.

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PODCAST: Tears, fears and fossil fuels

At times it seemed that a COP26 resolution was still hours or even days away but, on Saturday evening, a final document was finally adopted, despite the misgivings expressed by many countries at revised language regarding fossil fuels.

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PODCAST: A turning point, or a disappointment? COP26 winds down, with a final declaration still unsigned

With negotiators still haggling over the details of the COP26 final declaration, Conor Lennon and Laura Quiñones look back over two extremely busy, sleep-deprived weeks of announcements, protests and hopeful pronouncements.

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PODCAST: COP26 negotiators ‘roll up their sleeves’ to get a deal

In theory it is the penultimate day of COP26, but this is dependent on negotiators reaching a final agreement, with many thorny details still to be ironed out.

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PODCAST: Driving the transition to zero emission vehicles – transport day at COP26

It’s looking more and more likely that electric vehicles will dominate the roads of the most developed countries within the next few decades. But will the Global South become the world’s dumping ground for old, polluting cars?

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PODCAST: The power and energy of women and girls – gender day at COP26

Little Amal, the giant puppet of a Syrian refugee girl was, literally, the biggest figure at COP26 on Tuesday, where the main theme was gender.

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PODCAST: The waters are literally lapping at our ankles – adaptation day at COP26

Even if we were to cut all the world's greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, we would still be left coping with rising temperatures and an unpredictable climate. That’s why adaptation is, literally, a hot topic at COP26.

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PODCAST: Appealing to our better nature - COP26 day 6

Mankind’s impact on the planet is causing it to react against us, provoking extreme weather events in every corner of the world.

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