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PODCAST: Rebuilding lives after terror in Cameroon

A group of survivors devastated by terrorism in the Lake Chad region of Africa, are taking small steps towards building new lives and livelihoods. In Cameroon alone, there are some 250,000 internally-displaced and around 100,000 refugees, forced to flee their homes due to a brutal insurgency which was originally led by Boko Haram.

In this special edition of our Lid is On Podcast, Daniel Dickinson reports from Maroua in the Far North region of the country.

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Climate Summit Special: Some States rise to Guterres’ challenge

In this special Climate Summit edition of our flagship Lid is On podcast, participants explained just how they plan on doing their part, owning the pledge to curb carbon emissions as outlined in the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

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Lid is On Podcast Special: UN chief lays out #UNGA hopes and challenges

In this exclusive UN News interview, Melissa Fleming, new head of Global Communications here at the UN, talks to António Guterres for our Lid Is On podcast, about the power of effective international cooperation, on the road to 2030.

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Podcast: Terrorism survivors of Lake Chad recount harrowing stories

For this special edition of our Lid Is On podcast, Daniel Dickinson travelled to the north-east of Cameroon to meet two survivors of terrorism who are trying to rebuild their lives following the unspeakable acts committed against them and their families.

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The UN is almost 75: Does it have the support it needs to survive?

Who wants the death of the UN?

This provocative question is the title – translated into English from Qui veut la mort de l’ONU?  in French – of a new book by Romuald Sciora and Anne-Cécile Robert, two French journalists and experts in international affairs.

In it, they argue that the United Nations is often unfairly held responsible for a lot of the ailments of the world: war, famine, health and environmental crises…

For this new edition of The Lid Is On podcast, Yasmina Guerda spoke to them while they were visiting UN Headquarters in New York, about what, in their view, needs to happen to safeguard the Organization’s future.

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PODCAST: Peace, prosperity? We’ve never had it so good, Steven Pinker tells UN

We’ve never had it so good – that’s the data-driven message delivered at UN Headquarters this month, by one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals, Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker.

He was delivering the Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC) Inaugural Presidential Lecture, with the journalistically counter-intuitive declaration, that humankind is more peaceful, prosperous, healthy and free, than ever before.

For this latest UN News Lid Is On podcast, Matt Wells caught up with Professor Pinker who explained why the Sustainable Development Goals are one of the most “glorious, noble, thrilling” achievements of all time.

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The Baldwins talk healthy eating, and a healthy planet

We have been “absolutely shameful stewards” of the environment, according to Academy Award-nominated actor and activist Alec Baldwin, who stopped by our UN News studio with his wife Hilaria after they spoke at the launch of a new UN-backed report that links food and health with a sustainable plan

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PODCAST: ‘Willing to die for the truth’ - lessons of hidden Jewish archive live on today

 Writer-director-producer Roberta Grossman, and executive producer, Nancy Spielberg were recently at UN Headquarters for the screening of their new film “Who Will Write Our History”. For this edition of our Lid Is On podcast from UN News, they sat down with Jessica Jiji during the UN’s Holocaust remembrance commemorations in New York, to talk about their film. 

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PODCAST: How to beat the opioid epidemic

In late January, David Sheff and Vicky Cornell joined a panel discussion on addiction organised by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).  Mr. Sheff’s memoir about his son’s addiction is now a Hollywood movie, and Ms. Cornell was married to Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, whose suicide she has attributed to prescription drugs that altered his mental state.  They told Conor Lennon from UN News that changes to the health care system play a key role in addressing the crisis.

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‘Language death’ a ‘symptom’ of struggle to save indigenous identity

As the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Languages begins, ancient mother-tongues under threat of extinction across the world, need to be seen as a “symptom” of a much wider struggle.  That’s the view of one leading linguistics professor in New York, Daniel Kaufman, founder of the non-profit Endangered Language Alliance.  In this edition of the Lid Is On podcast Mr. Kaufman speaks with UN News's Matt Wells.

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