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World famous voices weave the ‘pattern’ of refugee lives for UNHCR

Russian-born actor, filmmaker and photographer Yul Brynner was appointed a special consultant to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, in 1959. As we mark World Refugee Day, this edition of Podcast Classics features UN Radio's "Pattern of Our Lives”, for which he called on fellow Hollywood stars to recount the true-life experiences of refugees.

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Frank Sinatra and Edward G. Robinson join the UN fight against polio and malaria

They were two of the 20th Century’s biggest stars of stage and screen, and when it came to the World Health Organization’s campaign to tackle two of the biggest killers of the post-war era, they answered the call.

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The ‘fight against time’ towards healthier living for all

As the World Health Organization (WHO) turns 70 this weekend (7 April), this edition of our Podcast Classics series turns back the clock 60 years to bring you “Ten Steps Forward”, a UN Radio programme looking at WHO’s first decade, narrated by British stage and screen actor Michael Redgrave.

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Podcast Classics: Marlon Brando highlights 'life & death' value of fresh flowing water

It’s World Water Day, and for our Podcast Classics series: Marlon Brando narrates the story of how the UN Technical Assistance Administration brought “pure, sweet, flowing” water to one Bolivian village; and a look back at the 1950s struggle to provide access to clean running water in El Salvador.

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1975's UN rallying cry for ‘colonized and underdeveloped’ women of the world

As the women’s liberation movement gathered pace across the world in the 1970s, the UN responded by designating 1975 the first ever International Women’s Year.

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Edward R Murrow joins forces with UN Radio to highlight Europe’s children in need

To mark World Radio Day, celebrated on 13 February, UN News has reached back into our audio archives to a classic collaboration between UN Radio and the great broadcaster Edward R Murrow.

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Ancient Greece meets “the greatest” — Muhammad Ali and peace through sport

In this latest edition of our Podcast Classics series, we’re going to be connecting the dots between Ancient Greece, rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and the boxer the world knows, simply, as “the greatest”: Muhammad Ali.

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